1 Identity Workshop

Rebuilding life, foundation first

A Created Informed Approach

Tuesdays beginning March 19, 2024


Choose your fee based on affordability
from $0-$100
Scholarships available!

Who should attend?

  • Faith Leaders and Pastors
  • Christian Healthcare Professionals
  • The Wounded—Hurt by caretakers, church, relationships, etc.
  • Understand how life experiences impact: depression, anxiety, +++
  • Learn how the past is impacting the present
  • Help and healing for developmental wounds

LIVE via Zoom and In-Person

In-Person location
StoneGate Arts & Education Center | Bedford, IN

Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 pm ET US

6 weeks

Weeks 1-3
Trauma Informed Care

Weeks 4-6
Individual Work in a Group Setting
This is not a support group.

Zoom Link will be sent to the registration email.

What to Expect

Foundational Created Identity

  • Getting back to basics
  • We have to know our foundation
  • What does Created Identity mean?
  • How has the fall negatively impacted that identity?

Wounds = Behaviors

  • Developmental wounds matter
  • The destruction of worth and value
  • Behaviors are often a result of trauma, the sins of others against us
  • Undoing shame
  • Wounds are used to steal, kill, and destroy

Nervous System Impact

  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Understanding automatic reactions
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn, Friend
  • Not always a salvation issue
  • Learning and teaching discernment

Help and Healing

  • Walking alongside the wounded
  • Develop intimacy with God
  • Pure Love casts out Fear
  • Truth dispels Lies
  • Heal your Past