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Once you request an appointment, our office will send you an email approving your request with a link to the Client Portal. From that link, you will be required to complete the intake paperwork prior to approved appointment. Online requests must be made 24 hours in advance.

All paperwork is completed electronically via the SimplePractice portal. We understand that not all clients have online access or the required technology experience. If this is your situation, please contact the office and we will make necessary accommodations.

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Why 1 Identity Counseling?

Because coping and behavior change isn’t working.

1 Identity Counseling views mental health from an emotional and psychological ‘injury’ and relational [dis]connection perspective. A continuous cycle of coping with life’s pain or putting effort into behavior change can invalidate, and often neglects to address, the impact of our emotional and psychological wounding that is influencing our anxiety, depression, obsessions, compulsions, addictions, anger, and other temporary, often inefficient, ways of managing life.

Get to the root. Experience the difference with EMDR therapy.

Telehealth Available

Video appointments may be an option for you.

1 Identity Counseling offers online appointments. This will require downloading the Telehealth App on your smart phone or iPad, or logging in from your computer.

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