Ages | 14-17

Got Teens? A teen can seem responsible in one moment and the next moment seem like a different person!? Why? Well…the human brain does not finish developing until around age 23-25. We are seeing more anxiety, depression, self-injury, anger, acting out and addictive behavior than ever before. This stage of human development is known in psychological circles as the Identity Confusion stage of development.

While in a state of confusion, this is not a time where teens are capable of making life altering decisions, nor can they critically think and understand the consequences of their actions. Teens are also growing the most, need more sleep, and need the most affirmation and assurance of their value.

Adolescents are complex, and parents are not provided with an instruction manual. Parents constantly worry about how they grow, develop, and what kind of person they will become. These concerns have already been set in motion throughout their development. Teaching critical thinking skills at this stage of life is paramount.

A counselor can fit in when you simply don’t know how to help and can act as a neutral third-party to help facilitate communication and begin the healing within your family. You don’t have to just endure the teenage years. You can have a great relationship with your kids!