Plan for Engagement Agreement

Please read the following agreement and complete the consent fields at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

  • All engagement/video and other calls are confidential and the privacy of other members is to be respected. Members are requested to attend the call in a private space, or wear earphones if anyone is in earshot.
  • Online support groups are video calls. We prefer that members keep their cameras on to best connect with each other, but recognize that some members may need to turn their cameras off at times.
  • Please mute yourself while others are speaking to prevent background noise.
  • We encourage use of the “raise hand” option to avoid speaking over each other.
  • Be mindful of the time you take to share during group.
  • Allow all group members a chance to speak.
  • This is a counselor supported/mediated peer support group and is not intended to act as individual therapy.
  • Explicit details of traumatic events are not appropriate for group, nor is extensive talk of self-harm and suicide.
  • If you are in immediate danger, please seek help from a suicide hot-line, emergency services, or other resource in your area.
  • Respect other group members’ lived experiences and be open to learning.
  • Refrain from comparing your experiences with others’ in ways that minimize their struggles or your own struggles. The aim of this space is mutual support and embracing individual experience.
  • We aim to create an inclusive space for all people. We respect inclusivity and tolerance of all. Different views are not considered hate toward another, but are respected per the definition of being inclusive and tolerant of ALL differences.
  • Out of mutual respect for everyone’s beliefs, topics like religion, spirituality and political figures should only be mentioned in the context of lived experience. For example: Members may discuss how political events have affected them, but may not debate about political figures.
  • Suggesting specific medications or substances to other members is not permitted. This includes prescription drugs, alternative medicine, and recreational substances.
  • Before sharing about a potentially triggering topic, please offer a general description of the topic and confirm that other group members are comfortable before proceeding.
  • Explicit discussion of sexual activity is not permitted.
  • Our groups welcome all parts/alters/heads of dissociative systems.
  • If desired, you can change your Zoom display name to reflect who is participating in group.
  • The links to the calls are not to be shared. Respect member privacy.
  • No screenshots of private information.


Continued membership is dependent on respecting the Group Plan for Engagement
  • Respect the group hosts or organization leadership in their attempts to keep a safe environment.
  • Intentional and/or habitual disrespect of the Plan for Engagement outlined for Seen and Heard members, despite private discussion to resolve concerns, will lead to the end of group membership. Any membership fees [in the future] will be non-refundable.
  • For any concerns or questions, complete the feedback form via the contact page provided online.
  • At this point, we are starting with a small group. In the future, the group may morph into something new or we may find that different categories of groups will be needed. This will be decided by the group.
  • We look forward to being able to support more people as things progress and we continue to grow and heal through the support of those experiencing dissociation.
  • If the group grows too large, the larger group may be split to specific groups to make it possible for continued engagement of all members.
  • There may be weeks where cancellations occur or pause for holidays.
  • All members hold the ability to nominate leadership for Seen and Heard and to vote on all group decisions and activities.


©2023 Seen and Heard: Online Support Group for CPTSD and Dissociative Experiences
Adapted by Jenelle Linden from Multiplied by One | Used by Permission | All rights reserved.