Normalizing Dissociation for those who experience it, often as a result of complex post-traumatic stress.


Starting August 16, 2023

6:15–7:30 pm ET
5:15–6:30 pm CT

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A Note from Jenelle

I am so excited that you have taken this step to be part of this group. I do not have dissociative identities, but have experienced parts throughout my own healing. This group is starting after requests from those who find a shortage of groups that are moderated by professionals.

The intent is to provide a safe environment for those who experience dissociation to share like experiences. The hope is that the sharing will diminish the feeling of—’we’re the only one’ or ‘no one, understands—sees or hears me.’ This is why I have named the group Seen and Heard. My desire is for all of you to feel that someone sees and hears you—all of you.

There is no charge for the group, however, you may make a donation to cover expenses for resources and staff time at 1 identity Counseling or to help those who cannot afford to give. We are grateful for anything you can afford.

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